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Water Damage can happen quickly

This customer woke up to a burst kitchen sink faucet with water spraying all over their kitchen. By the time they were able to get the main water shut off - they had water all over the upper and lower cabinets and into a small portion of their family room.  Once they called SERVPRO of Turlock we were out the to assess and mitigation the kitchen.  SERVPRO of Turlock's technicians were able to determine what was needed to dry out the kitchen with the fastest results.  Unfortunately for the client we were unable to save the lower cabinets.  Even though the water had only been standing for a short time - the cabinets were made of a fiberboard material and were damaged beyond repair.  Our technicians had to remove them and finish the drying process behind the walls. 

Mold can cause immense damage

This hardwood floor was damaged by mold due to the owner's waiting too long before they called out SERVPRO of Turlock to their water damage.  The owner had a water leak and decided to clean up the carpet themselves, only to discover several weeks later a strange smell.  SERVPRO of Turlock's technicians were able to determine that the padding under the carpet was still wait, and when they lifted the carpet and pad - low and behold there was the mold on the hardwood floor underneath.

Mold Will Spread

Mold is a tricky thing - it often grows silently and unseen, and at times is visible but seems innocuous - until it isn't.  Mold poses respiratory and skin health problems and should be professionally remediated to ensure the safety of your family and home.

Drying Process

The use of containment barriers and heavy duty cardboard rolls are essential to protecting parts of the structure from further damage.  The restoration professionals at SERVPRO are heavily trained to prevent further damage during restoration. #turlockSERVPRO #SERVPRO #turlockrestoration #turlockwaterdamage #turlockcleanup

Water Damage to Flooring

When a water damage saturates wood flooring, the results can be very visual.  Here is a photo of the wood floor "cupping" due to water entering the edges of the wood joints and causing swelling. SERVPRO of Turlock technicians have been trained to spot and repair the damage with as minimal disruption as possible

SERVPRO of Turlock Technicians are professionally trained to deal with mold

SERVPRO of Turlock requires that all their Technicians have gone through extensive training in mold remediation.  We know that as a customer when you call us out on a job you want to make sure that it will be done right the first time.  Our technicians understand that once they spot any mold, that it will need to be contained and treated properly to reduce further damage or the chance of spreading the mold to other parts of the house.  

SERVPRO of Turlock knows that your personal items are very valuable to you

SERVPRO of Turlock knows that personal items do not always have a monitory value they have a sentimental value which is more valuable than anything.  We will handle all your items with the utmost care and consideration.   

SERVPRO of Turlock preps for Mold Remediation

SERVPRO of Turlock understands that your home is precious to you.  With this our technicians take pride in ensuring that when we are mitigating mold we protect the surrounding areas.  We will tape off and cover in plastic any area items to ensure that they are not in contact with our work

SERVPRO of Turlock's Technicians are trained to handle even difficult jobs

This job required not only our technician to mitigate the damage but to also troubleshoot where the loss was coming from. We were able to work with the homeowner and their plumber to assess the cause, get it repaired and mitigate the water damage in a timely manner.  SERVPRO of Turlock makes sure their technicians are fully trained to handle most any situation they come across and to make the homeowner feel at ease in the process. 

The Damage a Small Dishwasher Leak Can Cause

Most people are unaware how quacking a small leak can turn into a major repair.  This photo shows how far a water leak can travel even with a tile floor. Our technicians had to remove several feet of tile in order to dry and treat the sub-floor - the quicker you can spot a leak and get a professional out to mitigate - the better chance you have of keeping the damage to a minimum.  Just remember SERVPRO of Turlock is always here to help - no matter how big or small

SERVPRO of Turlock has the Latest Drying Equipment

When you discover that you have a water leak it can be comforting to know that with one call to SERVPRO of Turlock our technicians will come out to your home with the latest equipment used to dry out the affected area 

Water Damage Deep in Walls

Water has the ability to sneak into areas that you cannot see and when it does that it can create damage that is completely unexpected.  It will damage not only the sheetrock but the insulation and electrical as well.  If you suspect that there is a leak in your home - do not put off calling SERVPRO of Turlock sooner rather than later

Wind Storm Brings Down Tree

Wind Storms are a yearly occurrence in the Central Valley and can cause major damage when the trees are unable to with stand the force of the wind. If you are ever in the situation that a tree in your yard has been uprooted and fallen into your house - just give SERVPRO of Turlock a call and we will be right there to lend a hand 

Recent Rain Storms In California Cause Damage

After years of drought the State of California received a deluge of rainstorms.  With the rain came the roof leaks and extreme damage to homes that were unprepared for storm after storm.  Luckily for the Turlock area there is SERVPRO of Turlock to the rescue

Mold Can Hide Inside Walls

Unbeknownst to most home owners, mold has the ability to hide inside your walls.  Your room make look pristine, until you remove the sheetrock and see what is lurking behind. SERVPRO of Turlock has the ability to assess and let you know what is lurking in the dark recesses of your home

What a fire can do to a kitchen

SERVPRO of Turlock met with this home owner at one of their lowest points having just had a kitchen fire which completely destroyed their home.  Our technician took the time to sit with the home owner and just be there for them at their time of need.  To assure them that we will make it as if it never happened

Brand New Kitchen after fire

We worked with this homeowner on the build back after a major fire tore through their home.  They were extremely happy with the quality and attention to detail in the work performed.  They told us "We are walking into a brand new home" 

H & R Block water damage during Tax Season

SERVPRO of Turlock received a frantic call from our neighborhood H & R Block stating that they had water damage in their office due to a toilet overflow.  We sent out our technicians immediately and worked with them to get the office up and running in record time.

Water Damage in a Dental Office

SERVPRO of Turlock was able to work with this Dentist Office to mitigate the water and mold damage with very minimal down time for the office. The client was extremely please with our speed and quality of work

Fire Remidiation

SERVPRO of Turlock is the expert at fire damage remediation. We know and utilize the most up-to-date techniques to help remediate the damage that fire can do to a structure.


Cardboard boxes are handy and convenient, and tend to be used frequently for storing stuff - we all have lots of stuff.  But when the head to the basement, trouble can ensue - as moisture + cardboard = opportunities and food sources for mold to grow.  Store your items in plastic totes with lids, and ditch the cardboard.  If your cardboard boxes get wet, empty the box, dry out the contents 100%, then replace with a plastic container and toss the water damaged box, even if it appears to have dried.

Drying Process

When water hits your flooring, you may think when the surface is dry you are in the clear, but that is not always the case!  Padding and the subfloor can trap and hold water.

Drying Process

When water hits your florring, you may think when the surface is dry you are in the clear, but that is not always the case!  Padding and the subfloor can trap and hold water.

Water Damage

This assisted living facility suffered water damage after a particularly heavy rainstorm we had in the spring, as the roof was under construction and not able to withstand the amount and force of water.  Multiple visits were needed as additional damage occurred after more water events.

After the fire

This residence suffered a traumatic fire, causing extensive damage.  Originating in the kitchen, it quickly ran up the cabinetry and caused damage to the floor above as well.  Which we were then able to remove all the damaged area to begin the build back process

Mold Under Flooring

This home experienced extensive mold growth beneath their engineered vinyl flooring material.  SERVPRO of Turlock was able to clean the air and surfaces with EPA approved environmentally friendly antimicrobial agents.  The flooring will have to be replaced as the mold is all through it.  

Mold from Leaking Pipes

Leaking copper pipes in a wall left these homeowners with a case of mold.  Once walls were opened the problem was more readily seen - it was cleaned and restored to it's pre-mold condition.


In SERVPRO corporate they have a special mixing area designed for blending all of its chemicals. This wall shows every product that SERVPRO has to offer. SERVPRO makes all of it chemicals in house and a few are even safe enough to consume.

Fire damage

During a fire the homeowner might notice small black web-like strings that have made there way into the corners of the home. These are called smoke webs and they occur when soot binds together and becomes airborne. Smoke webs can occur anywhere within the effected home, even if the fire was small and in the opposite part of the home.

Moisture Meters

Our meters tell us in a water or mold involved loss what the relative humidity is compared to the temperature within and outside. It also tells us the grains per pound within the air.  

Help Is Here!

Intrusion of water into your home or place of business can result from storm damage, plumbing or equipment failures, long standing leaks and poor humidity control. When water intrusions are not addressed right away, the resulting damage can present increased risk of harmful mold growth. Some amount of mold sports are normally present in most environments. If the humidity and moisture levels in a water damaged environment are not promptly returned to normal, mold sports may grow and multiply. organic materials found inside a building, such as wood, paper, drywall and insulation, provide food sources for mold to flourish. Excessive mold growth can lead to indoor environmental conditions that pose a health threat. 


When your business suffers a fire or water loss, SERVPRO knows it cannot wait. Time is money when it comes to your business and prompt service means getting your business back up and running in a short amount of time. 

Tear Outs

Unfortunately sometimes we have to tear out buckled hardwood as it is too damaged to keep or try to fix. As you can see in this photo the water damaged had seemed through to the sub-floor which required the above hardwood to be removed and replaced so the floor underneath could dry properly. 

Flood Damage

This photo shows the process of what happens after mild flooding in a basement. This house was for sale and unoccupied. The real estate agent was previewing the home and noticed the carpet was saturated and the home smelled musty. SERVPRO of Turlock was able to determine that during a recent storm, a creek in the back yard had backup and came in through the walkout basement. The carpet had to be removed as well as two feet of drywall starting from the floor on up. SERVPRO of Turlock was able to get the house "For Sale" ready in a timely manner

Slow Water Leak

This customer had a slow leak water damage in the wall behind their sink.  When the customer saw their baseboard was wet and swollen in the room behind the kitchen, they knew to call the professionals at SERVPRO for help.  After removing the floor and finding mold, the experienced crew knew to remove the drywall to find the much larger problem behind the shower.

Turlock Drying Process

The use of containment barriers and heavy duty cardboard rolls are essential to protecting parts of the structure from further damage.  The restoration professionals at SERVPRO are heavily trained to prevent further damage during restoration. #turlockSERVPRO #SERVPRO #turlockrestoration #turlockwaterdamage #turlockcleanup

Drying process

When water damage or flooding is not addressed quickly, mold growth can occur and increase the scope and expense of the job.  This baseboard was only wet for 48 hours before mold growth started.  There was also mold growth in the wall cavity so the drywall needed to be removed, instead of dried.

SERVPRO Turlock Service Van

Our professional crews are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including holidays.  This commercial facility sustained a major water damage and flooding over a holiday weekend.  The damage would have multiplied if the response team waited until the next business day.